The Actors Personal Trainer - A mission statement

The Actors Personal Trainer exists because actor training after drama school in the UK is rare. In order to progress we must practise and maintain ourselves as creative artist while learning new skills and techniques along the way. Our work is about empowering artists to take control of their careers and lives as creatives. There is a reason you wanted to do this in the first place. APT will help you to maintain and grow that passion.

Director Bruce Guthrie working with young actors and directors at the Old Vic (photographed by Laura Linick)

We do this by offering a variety of different masterclass workshops from world-class experienced and talented practitioners with an emphasis on the performer. Through becoming better collaborators and challenging ourselves to explore the limits of our comfort zones, we can continue to grow as people and performers. The aim is to explore and do as much as possible. Our philosophy is that it is by doing and doing well that we improve and deepen our understanding of the craft we have chosen.

One to One sessions - with director Bruce Guthrie act as personal coach to actors. Bruce will take you through his techniques on how to break down a script and create a character from scratch. These techniques are designed to empower the actor in preparation for auditions and rehearsal.

The Cultural Diet - "...whatever you do as an actor is cumulative. I say go to art galleries, listen to music, know what's happening on the news, in the world. Develop opinions and judgements so when a quality piece of writing is put in front of you, your imagination has something to bounce off of." Alan Rickman

Unlike most diets you may have encountered, The Cultural Diet is a regime that isn't about cutting things out of your life, it's about adding things to enrich it and doing those things consistently. In the hustle and bustle of life, we can forget that our imaginations need feeding. Just like with food we eat and physically working out our bodies, what we consume and consider culturally informs our perception of the world and the pallet from which our imagination create. This simple, but highly effective method will change the way you work while encouraging the curiosity of the actor to know as much as possible about the world in which they are responding to.

Actor Alan Rickman on Charlie Rose

Masterclasses - A series of workshops with visiting practitioners. APT has hosted Masterclasses with Directors like Tamara Harvey, Polly Findlay, Nadia Fall & Scott Graham. Voice coaches like Michael Corbidge, Penny Dyer & Hugh O'Shea. Physical Theatre Practitioners like Simon Pittman, Maggie Bain & Steve Kirkham. We continue to widen our circle of visiting practitioners and are exited to be hosting two time Golden Globe Winner Kathleen Turner in for her Masterclasses on Acting for Stage and Screen.

Readings - Keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook to hear about monthly readings of classic plays. These will be free to attend and will be announced on our Facebook group. The only requirement is that you come with your own copy of the play. You can choose to read or not. It's a great way to meet fellow actors, read a classic play and practise sight reading.

If this proves to be popular, will look to extend this later in the year to a new writing day where new playwrights can come and hear their work being read and poetry readings where actors can create and read their own poetry and share it.

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"The art of acting is in some ways the most exacting of all, and without constant schooling, the actor will stop half-way."

Peter Brook - The Empty Space

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